The Best Practices to Ensure a Great Virtual Meetings Experience

It is difficult to imagine the work of the company without meetings. It is believed that this type of interaction makes it possible to provide employees with the information necessary for work, quickly solve the current tasks of the project, motivate staff to achieve results, and also form a developing environment in the team. Virtual meetings are perfect for modern society.

Set a Clear Agenda for the Board Meeting

By setting goals for your team, you can make a smoother transition online. In this case, the experts suggest that managers create a dynamic agenda or draw up this document in the process. Most people are used to the concept of an agenda being sent out to everyone before a meeting.

Assign Roles and Responsibilities to Employees

To ensure that the virtual meeting goes according to plan, at the beginning of the meeting, experts recommend separating responsibilities between employees. This prevents multitasking and creates the conditions for accountability.

Online Board Meetings: Challenges and Opportunities

Preparing and organizing a productive board meeting does not look so easy. This is one reason why the traditional form of face-to-face meetings is increasingly being replaced by online meetings. Quality broadcasting solutions contain tools that can greatly simplify preparation: chat for preliminary discussion, the ability to invite participants with one click, connect remote colleagues, automatic reminders, show presentations, record and distribute them.

However, along with the possibilities of online meetings, they impose additional responsibility on the organizer. Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing:

    1. Reliability and compatibility. Connection issues should not affect the start time or progress of the meeting. You should choose a solution that all participants can use, regardless of the gadget and software installed on it.
    2. Visualization and data. The ability to give a presentation, share documents, or share your screen is a must for online board meetings.
    3. Documentation. For employees to refresh their memory of a particular part of the meeting at any time, it is helpful to record the entire conversation in its entirety and make the recording available to participants.
    4. Confidentiality. Since employees discuss essential business issues and share documents and other materials during an online meeting, it is extremely important to prevent leakage or unauthorized access to such information.

Simple Rules for Conducting Effective Board Meeting

Have a look at the simple tips on how to organize a successful board meeting.

    1. Make a clear plan. It will help you strictly follow the stated topic and control the discussion. Employees will leave the meeting with clear instructions to complete their tasks.
    2. Post the agenda and documents for review. In this way, all participants will know in advance what issues will be considered and what results are expected from them.
    3. Discuss small issues beforehand, and focus on the main topic in the board meeting. This will reduce the duration of the meeting and increase its fruitfulness. Board members, seeing that the time was not wasted, will be more willing to attend the next meeting.
    4. Limit presentation time. Too long monologue tires the listener. However, a short speech allows you to convey all the information.
    5. Supplement reports with colorful presentations because the human brain remembers visual information much better than audio information.
    6. Provide an opportunity to speak to all interested parties, and pay attention to other people’s arguments to increase the responsibility and motivation of employees. But don’t let the speakers get off topic.
    7. Record decisions, keep notes and publish the minutes after the meeting to consolidate the result.